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Words on Fire

Words on Fire

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Audra lives on a quiet farm in Lithuania, but she understands that danger is never far away. Her parents warn her to stay close to home and avoid the patroling Russian Cossack soldiers. The Russians, who occupy Lithuania, insist that everyone there must become Russian — they have banned Lithuanian books, religion, culture, and even the language.←

But Audra knows her parents are involved in something secret and perilous. When Cossacks arrive abruptly at their door, Audra's parents insist that she flee, taking with her an important package and instructions for where to deliver it. But escape means abandoning her parents to a terrible fate.←

As Audra embarks on a journey to deliver the mysterious package, she faces unimaginable risks. In hopes of rescuing her parents, she becomes caught up in a growing resistance movement, eventually joining a network of book smugglers: Lithuanians intent on preserving their language, history, and culture. She will become… a Carrier.

Autor: Jennifer A. Nielsen
Editorial: Scholastic
Idioma: English
Edad Recomendada: 8 - 12 años
Categoría: Adventure,
Historical Fiction
Formato: Paperback Book
ISBN: 9781338275780
Número de páginas: 336